Diet without a diet: Scan a product, See what’s inside, Make healthier choices!

Don’t Diet – Eat Healthy with Fooducate! Featured App on Android Market Dec 2011.
Scan and choose healthy groceries. Over 200,000 unique UPCs! 
As featured in Oprah’s O Magazine, USAToday, NYTimes, WSJ, Lifehacker, Gizmodo and on ABC, FOX, NBC and more…

Instead of trying to decode nutrition facts labels and ingredient lists…
…use your Android phone to:
★ Automatically scan a product barcode
★ See product highlights (both good & bad)
★ Select better alternatives

Tired of fad diets?
Do you want your family to eat better, healthier food? 
Are you confused by ingredient lists, nutrition labels, health claims, and marketing hype?
Are you interested in weight loss without a diet full of artificial crap?

Download F O O D U C A T E and hurry to the supermarket.