My Pick for CEO of the Year? Taylor Swift

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My Pick for CEO of the Year? Taylor Swift
Dan Rosensweig, CEO of
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The Art of Social Media: LinkedIn Edition
Guy Kawasaki
LinkedIn is the unsung hero of social-media platforms because it added social features long after places such as Facebook,…
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Quit your job and start building something
Derek Handley
Almost four years ago, I gave a talk about the intersections in my life between Napoleon, Virgin Galactic and the expected 19,392…
8 Ways Toxic People Poison Even the Best Workplaces
Jeff Haden
Oddly enough, the obviously terrible employees don’t cause the real problems.Why? Whether clearly incompetent or…
Stop Using These Words In Your Emails!
Bernard Marr
Do you know how you sound in emails?Without the benefit of being able to hear people’s vocal inflections or see their…
"Everyone is Replaceable" and Other Business Lies
Liz Ryan
"Everyone is replaceable" is a lie, thankfully. If we were truly hiring people who could be replaced at any moment,…
Women Will Be Women
Sardar Azam
OUR PROPHET (S.A.W) has said “ Innamal Aamalu Bin Niayat”— Your Actions Depends on Your Intentions’ (Hadis…
Scrap Your Work From Home Policy
Pam Ross
I was recently asked by an HR manager if I had a sample of a policy about working from home. My answer was: Do you want something…
America Has Really Expensive Internet, and It’s Getting Worse
Your anger is justified.
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