The Problem With Silicon Valley’s New Culture of Amorality

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The Problem With Silicon Valley’s New Culture of Amorality
Tom Foremski on LinkedIn
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The Art of Finding a Co-founder
Guy Kawasaki
In this series of posts, Influencers and members share their advice for entrepreneurs. Read all the posts here and write your own…
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President Obama’s Immigration Action: First Step Toward a More Vital and…
Reid Hoffman
Last night President Obama explained the steps that the Administration will take to initiate long-needed reforms to our…
Job Interview: The 5 Questions YOU Must Ask
Bernard Marr
“So, what questions do you have for us?”It’s the inevitable question that comes at the end of nearly every job…
Two minutes to make you happier at work, in life … and over the holidays
Laszlo Bock
It’s Thanksgiving week in the US, so I’m reflecting on what I’m most thankful for: my family, my friends, my…
Put Down Your Phone (And Become More Powerful)
Greg McKeown
Listening is often considered the softest of the soft skills. So the idea of being a powerful listener can seem like an oxymoron….
Google to launch Time Square’s largest interactive billboard ever
Google is about to launch the largest interactive billboard in the U.S. in the middle of New York’s Times Square.
The Road Not Taken: The Moment I Realized I Needed to be the Supplier, Not…
Robert Herjavec
In this series of posts, Influencers explain how their career paths might have changed. Read all the stories here and write your…
Big Data: The Key Skills Businesses Need
Bernard Marr
The number of jobs related to Big Data is growing by the day, as more and more companies become aware of the benefits data…
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