The Counterintuitive Way One CEO Runs Three Giant Companies at the Same Time

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The Counterintuitive Way One CEO Runs Three Giant Companies at the Same Time
Daniel Roth on LinkedIn
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Let’s Fix It: Solve the Tiny Things That Drive People Crazy
Guy Kawasaki
My prestigious colleagues have written great essays in this Let’s Fix It theme—ranging from the economy to…
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Why I Won’t Accept Your Linkedin Invitation
Michael O’Donnell
I get about five or six requests to connect with people on Linkedin every day. I consider each and every request in the spirit I…
Thanks for not buying popcorn from my son
Trey Tompkins
If you declined my son’s offer to buy popcorn from his Cub Scout Pack yesterday, I owe you one. I’m serious.I spent yesterday…
How to Lose a Great Employee in 10 Ways
Paul Morris
If you’re a good (or even just halfway decent) manager or leader then you probably already know most of this, but it is…
I am Muslim and I don’t care of those idiots who hijacked my religion.
Dr. Ghada Gomaa A. Mohamed
A Canadian friend asked me to describe my religion to her. This is how I simply described my simple religion.Islam is a very…
Here’s Why Good Employees Quit
Mary Davids
Anne Fisher, contributor to CNNMoney wrote a great article, “To keep employees loyal, try asking what they want”…
Fat Bitches Don’t Sit On Trains: How A Crappy Morning Commute Doesn’t Have…
Rachel Gillett
When I got on the Path Train this morning, I saw–miracle of miracles–an empty seat between two riders. Naturally, since there…
Swim in the Deep End: A Full Immersion Idea for Hiring Stronger Talent
Lou Adler
In the early 1990s, I was a full-time recruiter and had personally experienced the management technique known then as…
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